Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sometimes I’m Stupid and Sometimes I’m Just an Idiot

I can be that, too!
And no, I don’t have a self-esteem issue here; on the contrary.

This concept has been part of my make-up ever since I got over the habit of doing what others suggested, and started doing what is right for me, first. This is about getting caught in a rut and not doing something proactive to change your situation. Sometimes it’s just about simple things and other times it’s about more important things in life. Let me share some of my recent encounters with this extra-special topic.

Sometimes it just about doing something in a more sensible way like putting your glasses on a bedside table rather than on the bed like my roommate did on a ski vacation trip. He kind of just bent his glasses out of shape when he sat down on the bed which proves that glasses make a lousy seat cushion. Luckily, I grew out of that particular one and don't often get caught in that rut (the keyword is often since it only happens sometimes now).

The cheques that came in the mail

I had a couple of cheques that were sent in the mail that weren’t going to make me rich or stop me from paying my rent so they sat in the kitchen drawer. I don’t drive anymore so the trip to a bank branch of the bank I do business with is out of the way. I do just about everything financially online now. So they sat and sat in drawer getting closer and closer to being stale-dated until the light finally went on (Sometimes I’m Stupid and Sometimes I’m Just an Idiot).

I go to the grocery store at least once a week and in that plaza there is a bank and yes it isn’t the same as my current financial institution. 

OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM! The voice in my head was shouting. 

So I checked out the new bank (been in business forever) on the Internet and went and opened an account, got another debit card, kept on doing most of my banking with my original bank online and that was that.


I’m not going to type that in full every time I need to in this story.

Sometimes I’m not so stupid.

SisandSiggy, that sounds like more fun. We’ll use that from now on.

Man it’s Hot

It was in the afternoon in the summer and it was getting hotter in the living room since my apartment faces west. I have a couple of fans going in that room and use a not so portable air conditioner in the bedroom to make sleeping more comfortable so it doesn’t get moved. I’m starting to get a little clammy and uncomfortable (sorry it’s necessary for the story) so I walk into the bedroom for a bit, stand next to the air conditioner and go back out in the hallway between the bedroom and the living room. I run into a wall of heat just in front of the bathroom door.


So I took a shower, felt much better, SisandSiggy.

Haven’t seen my friend in over a year

I have a good friend who moved into town about 2 blocks away from where I live and I haven’t done much to try and reconnect. He’s kind of busy and I don’t want to bother him but I think both of us would enjoy hooking up for a brown-pop (Rickard's Red is quite tasty. You must be age of majority to view their site, or lie) and talk about the good times. I’m a little afraid that maybe he is going to be a little ticked off that I didn’t do anything earlier (like when he moved into town) so I don’t want to phone him.


So we got together a few days later after a bunch of emails back and forth, had a great lunch and a great conversation and agreed to set this up as a regular thing like every two weeks on the same day, SisandSiggy.

Why do we sometimes make things so difficult?

The examples above are not major mind-bending, equation-laden, complex mathematical problems that require a great deal of in-depth analysis to find the solution. They are simple problems with simple solutions.

Are there too many trees in the forest, too many daily tasks, and too many problems in the world that all get in the way? Maybe some of those come into play but it is more about the fact that we just don’t problem solve as well as we should on a daily basis on our own. That is why brainstorming in groups works better on some ideas than working on the concept with just yourself.

My old friend had a SisandSiggy at that same bar a few days ago. Seems he met an attractive lady who was younger than he was who said “I’m good with older men” or something similar to that and he asked me what that might mean.


I didn’t actually shout that out to him even though that is what took place in my head. My friend shook his head, said “I thought so too” and now felt more comfortable about the plan of action he was going to take, even though he already knew what he wanted to do. A little reassurance is a good thing.

I think if we don’t over complicate things and rely on the good common-sense that we learn over time aka knowledge, I think we will all do just fine. Put trust in the one person that can make it work and that would be you.

SINSS—Sometimes I’m not so stupid.

Have a great day!!
I’m going to take another shower.

And here's another one. I have an old football injurya broken ankle that long since healed but the circulation down there isn't the best so it swells particularly if you sit at the computer way too long like I do. So I was smart enough to make my own ice pack out of a largish resealable freezer bag with the double zippers. Just fill it no more than 1/4 with water, freeze it and reuse it many times.

But no matter what I did, I couldn't get the old tensor bandage to hold it in place and it sweated moisture when the ice started to melt.


Doh, Works really well. Start with the ice pack on top of your foot and then re-position to the sides of your ankle when the ice melts down a bit. Traps the sweat from the ice pack but your foot kind of gets a little clammy inside the plastic but no wet floors and you can still tap your feet to the music coming out of the computer.

You don't play music on your computer while you are working on it? 


Lots of way to get there with iTunes, online radio and even CD's. I keep forgetting that I have the ice pack on when I get up to dance.

Sing it Sheryl

...all I wanna' doOOoo is have some fun

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